About Bad Guy Motors Inc.

Our Story

Bad Guy Motors Inc. was established in 2023 by Denim & Kacy Savoie. The diesel performance shop aims to transform the diesel performance sector while holding onto our core values. Being dissatisfied with the service from other shops, we were motivated to create a haven where customers are treated with respect and integrity. We transitioned from the oilfield to a family-run business as a strategic move to prioritize our families and pursue our entrepreneurial dreams.

We specialize in diesel performance tuning, offering custom, in-house fabrication and custom-made solutions to suit every need. But our dedication extends beyond the workshop walls. We're deeply rooted in our local community, actively participating in events and initiatives that promote growth and sustainability within the diesel enthusiast world.

Join our family at Bad Guy Motors, where expertise meets empathy and innovation knows no bounds. Let's drive towards a future fueled by passion and possibility.

Kacy Savoie


Hey there! I'm Kacy, the CEO of Bad Guy Motors Inc. If you're wondering how I ended up here, well, let's just say it's been quite the ride! From hustling as a pipeline superintendent at a mere 25 to mastering the art of side boom operation in Western Canada, I've always been fueled by the thrill of success. But you know what really gets my heart racing? Drag racing, off-roading, and anything to do with diesel trucks! Apart from racing, I enjoy spending time with my amazing family. Growing up around mechanics and shop owners, I guess you could say I was destined for this path. But it was the longing to be with my loved ones that pushed me to start my own gig. Sure, running my own business is a new adventure, but I'm diving in headfirst, equipped with a lifetime of experience and a whole lot of passion!

Denim Savoie (Kermeen)


Hey, friends! I'm Denim, the President of Bad Guy Motors Inc. Life's been a whirlwind of changes and challenges, but I wouldn't have it any other way! From securing a diploma in business and digital marketing management to juggling the roles of a mom and stepmom, I've learned to roll with the punches. Now, when I'm not busy wrangling kiddos, you'll likely catch me hanging out with our furry friends or tearing it up in a diesel truck. My journey into entrepreneurship started with a switch from welding to business, all while navigating the joys (and surprises) of motherhood. Partnering up with Kacy to build our business from scratch has been the adventure of a lifetime! Sure, I may be new to the whole business-running scene, but hey, life's all about learning and growing, right? So, here's to embracing every challenge and soaking up every moment on this wild ride called entrepreneurship!


Our mission goes beyond modifying vehicles; it's about igniting a shared passion for diesel performance in everyone we encounter. With a global mindset and a local presence, we strive to build lasting relationships and inspire others to join us on this exhilarating journey.

Bad Guy Motors Inc. offers truck performance upgrades, custom truck body fabrication, truck parts, accessories, apparel, and more across Medicine Hat, Brooks, Taber, Swift Current, Maple Creek, and the surrounding areas.